» TFE Release v202106-1 (544)

» Application Level Features:

  • Added support for several new capabilities in remote runs triggered via the CLI and API: -refresh=false, -refresh-only, and -replace=ADDRESS. See the documentation for more details on each of these options.
  • Added Terraform CLI versions up through 0.15.5 to Terraform Enterprise.
  • Changed Terraform Cost Estimation to use the new, free Azure pricing API. This changes the Azure egress hostname to prices.azure.com.
  • Updated the UX for the Registry
  • Changed the Sentinel runtime to version 0.18.3. For the latest changes, see the release notes.

» Application Level Bug Fixes:

  • Upgrade Golang 1.14.0 => 1.16.4
  • Fixed unexpected exceptions when accessing a JSON plan that was created before April 2019.
  • Fix issue where runs might get stuck in cost estimating
  • Fixed an authorisation check for service accounts and SSO, which prevented service account created runs from being auto applied.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented commenting on runs by certain users who otherwise should be permissed.
  • Fixed support for Azure appservice v2/V2 tiers with spaces
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinel VCS status checks were not receiving a response from speculative plans.
  • Fixed a potential conflict condition when starting multiple TFE instances simultaneously.

» Application Level Security Fixes:

  • The Vault unseal key and root token are no longer persisted to disk in the Vault container.
  • The PostgreSQL 9.5 to 12 upgrade container has been removed.
  • The PostgreSQL default password migration container has been removed.

» API: