» TFE Release v202105-1 (534)

» Application Level Features:

  • Changed run page to keep apply logs open after an active run completes.
  • Added "Created via" to the sidebar
  • Added Link as the Run Triggers header
  • Changed count display for run triggers
  • Changed submodule and examples UI
  • Added Terraform CLI versions up through 0.15.3 to Terraform Enterprise.
  • Changed the maximum Sentinel job execution time to 1 hour.
  • Changed the Sentinel runtime to version 0.18.1. For the latest changes, see the release notes.
  • Changed mock generation so that: 1) best efforts are made to obfuscate sensitive values, and 2) generate the sample configuration file as HCL instead of legacy JSON.

» Application Level Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed plan logs upload expiration to match the actual maximum plan runtime.
  • Reduce Terraform State Parser maximum memory usage on small states.
  • Fixed error when deleting workspaces
  • Fixed OOM errors when deleting large workspaces
  • Fixed run trigger scrollbars when overflow is present
  • Fixed module view published date bug.
  • Fixed an issue where a user couldn't accept an invitation if they'd ever had an expired invite.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users who had an invalid invitation token from clicking through to the sign up form.
  • Fixed some communication components between the Sentinel worker and TFE internal API to ensure the worker does not execute a policy check before it is ready.
  • Fixed an issue where policy check results were being submitted for already completed checks, causing confusing results (passing results for failed checks, for example).
  • Changed refresh interval for GitLab.com OAuth Token refreshes.
  • Fixed unpacking custom provider binaries when using Terraform 0.14.x and 0.15.x.
  • Changed frontend route params for organization and workspace names case insensitive
  • Changed retry behavior to not retry HTTP basic auth failures when ingressing configurations

» Application Level Security Fixes:

  • Added autocomplete=off attribute to password fields
  • Updated the Ruby version used by the application to 2.7.3.
  • Ongoing container updates to address reported vulnerabilities in underlying packages / dependencies.