» TFE Release v202101-1 (504)

» Upcoming Deprecation Notifications:

  • The AWS CLI that ships with Terraform Enterprise will be upgraded to AWS CLI version 2 in the next Terraform Enterprise release (v202102-1). Version 2 of the AWS CLI contains breaking changes that could cause disruptions in custom builds. If you are currently using any AWS CLI features in your workspaces please prepare for the deprecation or migrate to a custom build image to continue using version AWS CLI version 1.

» Application Level Breaking Changes:

  • The encryption password is no longer automatically generated and must be explicitly set by the user during installation. The encryption password can be set via the "Encryption Password" field for a manual installation and via the enc_password setting for an automated installation. Loss of the encryption password can lead to application data loss. To retrieve an installation's current encryption password, execute replicatedctl app-config export --template '{{.enc_password.Value}}'.

» Application Level Features:

  • Enables the ability to run Terraform Enterprise in Active/Active configuration for increased reliability. If you’re interested in scaling your existing installation to two nodes, please reach out your Technical Account Manager for more information.

» Application Level Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Forgot Password emails would not send.
  • Updated the error message shown when the encryption password is empty.