» Private Terraform Enterprise Diagnostics

This document contains information on how to provide HashiCorp with diagnostic information about a Private Terraform Enterprise (PTFE) installation that requires assistance from HashiCorp support.

» Installer-based Instances

Diagnostic information is available via in the Installer dashboard on port 8800 of your installation.

On the dashboard, click on the Support tab:

PTFE Dashboard Top

On the next page, click the Download Support Bundle button which will download the support bundle directly to your web browser.

PTFE Support

Then, attach the bundle to your support ticket. If possible, use the SendSafely integration available in the support portal at support.hashicorp.com, as it allows for large file uploads.

If you are unable to use the integration in the portal, please upload directly to https://hashicorp.sendsafely.com/u/ptfe-support-bundles. This includes pre-sales customers.

» AMI-based installs

To generate a support bundle, connect to the instance via ssh and run sudo hashicorp-support. Below is a sample session:

local$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/hc-eng-emp.pem tfe-admin@
Last login: Thu Mar 29 14:39:14 2018 from

             H        H
          HHHH        HHH
      HHHHHHHH        HHHHH
 HHHHHH      H        HHHHH   HHHHH   _  _         _    _  ___
 HHHHH     HHH        HHHHH   HHHHH  | || |__ _ __| |_ (_)/ __|___ _ _ _ __
 HHHHH   HHHHH        HHHHH   HHHHH  | __ / _` (_-< ' \| | (__/ _ \ '_| '_ \
 HHHHH   HHHHH        HHHHH   HHHHH  |_||_\__,_/__/_||_|_|\___\___/_| | .__/
 HHHHH   HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   HHHHH                                   |_|
 HHHHH   HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   HHHHH      TFE Hostname: tfe.mycompany.com
 HHHHH   HHHHH        HHHHH   HHHHH            Region: us-west-2
 HHHHH   HHHHH        HHH     HHHHH        IP Address:
 HHHHH   HHHHH        H      HHHHHH              User: tfe-admin
   HHH   HHHHH            HHHHHHHHH
     H   HHHHH          HHHHHHHHH        Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04
         HHHHH        HHHHHHHH                 Kernel: 4.4.0-98-generic
           HHH        HHHH
             H        H

      Memory Usage:     11.5%           System Uptime:  62 days
        Usage On /:     6%                 Swap Usage:  1.3%
       Local Users:     2                   Processes:  762
       System Load:     0.14, 0.26, 0.30

tfe.mycompany.com:~$ sudo hashicorp-support
==> Creating HashiCorp Support Bundle in /var/lib/hashicorp-support
==> Wrote support tarball to /var/lib/hashicorp-support/hashicorp-support.tar.gz
gpg: checking the trustdb
gpg: marginals needed: 3  completes needed: 1  trust model: PGP
gpg: depth: 0  valid:   1  signed:   0  trust: 0-, 0q, 0n, 0m, 0f, 1u
gpg: next trustdb check due at 2019-04-14
==> Wrote encrypted support tarball to /var/lib/hashicorp-support/hashicorp-support.tar.gz.enc
Please send your support bundle to HashiCorp support.

tfe.mycompany.com:~$ ls -F /var/lib/hashicorp-support/
gnupg/  hashicorp-support.tar.gz  hashicorp-support.tar.gz.enc

For your privacy and security, the entire contents of the support bundle are encrypted with a 2048 bit RSA key to generate the tar.gz.enc file. Once the process is complete, copy the hashicorp-support.tar.gz.enc file listed above off the instance. This can be done via scp or another tool that can interface with the system over SSH/SFTP. For example, on Linux and Mac OS X:

local$ scp -i ~/.ssh/hc-eng-emp.pem tfe-admin@ .
hashicorp-support.tar.gz.enc                                                      100%  111MB  20.9MB/s   00:05

Then, attach the bundle to your support ticket. If possible, use the SendSafely integration (as it allows for large file uploads).

» Scrubbing Secrets

If you have extremely sensitive data in your Terraform build logs you may opt to omit these logs from your bundle. However, this may impede our efforts to diagnose any problems you are encountering. To create a custom support bundle, run the following commands:

sudo -s
cd /var/lib/hashicorp-support
tar -xzf hashicorp-support.tar.gz
rm hashicorp-support.tar.gz*
rm nomad/*build-worker*
tar -czf hashicorp-support.tar.gz *
gpg2 -e -r "Terraform Enterprise Support" \
    --cipher-algo AES256 \
    --compress-algo ZLIB \
    -o hashicorp-support.tar.gz.enc \

You will note that we first create a support bundle using the normal procedure, extract it, remove the files we want to omit, and then create a new one.

» Windows

On Microsoft Windows, tools such as PSCP and WinSCP can be used to transfer the file.

» About the Bundle

The support bundle contains logging and telemetry data from various components in Private Terraform Enterprise. It may also include log data from Terraform builds you have executed on your Private Terraform Enterprise installation.

» Pre-Sales uploads

As noted above, customers in the pre-sales phase can upload support bundle files directly at https://hashicorp.sendsafely.com/u/ptfe-support-bundles.