» Private Terraform Enterprise Configuration

After you have completed the installation process you will need to create an administrator account, configure your Private Terraform Enterprise installation so it can send emails and SMS, and connect to your VCS provider.

When the system configuration has been completed, create your first organizations and users and enable the enterprise features for those accounts.

» System Configuration

In all examples below, be sure to replace "<TFE HOSTNAME>" with the hostname of your Private Terraform Enterprise instance.

Navigate to https://<TFE HOSTNAME>/admin/bootstrap in your browser. You will be presented with a status page that looks like this:

Bootstrap Status Page

» Creating an Administrator

After clicking on "Begin Installation" you will be brought to a page called "Create Administrator". Enter the requested information to create the first Administrator account. You will be able to create additional administrators later.

» Creating an Organization

The next step will create the first Organization.

Create a new organization

If you skip this step, you will be prompted the create the first organization when you first log in.

After this is done, and showing the Create a new Workspace page, click back to the previous tab/browser window and continue.

» Configure SMTP (optional)

Terraform Enterprise sends emails occasionally for features like password reset and to alert you when a new administrator is added. Fill out the details for your SMTP server. You may use an external provider such as Amazon SES or Mailgun.

When you have added your configuration press "Save and Continue," or skip to the next step.

» Installation Completion

At this point the installation is complete! You will be presented with this page:

Installation complete page

There are two tertiary links on the bottom of the page:

  • Configure GitHub - [DO NOT USE] This configuration mechanism is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Private Terraform Enterprise.
  • Configure Twilio - This will set up Twilio for SMS-based multi-factor authentication see the next section for details.

Click Create a Terraform workspace when you are ready to continue.

» Configure Twilio (optional)

Terraform Enterprise uses Twilio to send SMS if a user selects SMS as their multi-factor authentication option. If Twilio is not configured they must use the Google Authenticator app on their smartphone instead.

When you have added your configuration press "Save and Continue," or skip to the next step.

» Success!

You have successfully configured the installation and configuration steps that are specific to Private Terraform Enterprise! You can now head to the Getting Started section to continue.