» Administering Private Terraform Enterprise

Private Terraform Enterprise (PTFE) is software provided to customers that allows full use of Terraform Enterprise in a private, isolated environment.

Administration of a PTFE instance has two main domains:

  • Installation, upgrades, and operational tasks like backups and monitoring, which take place outside the Terraform Enterprise application.
  • Administrative tasks and configuration within the application itself.

This section is about in-application administration, including general settings, systemwide integration settings, and management of accounts and resources. Administration functions can be managed via user interface (the focus of this guide) or via the Admin API.

» Accessing the Admin Interface

Only Private Terraform Enterprise users with the site-admin permission can access the administrative functions.

The initial user account for a PTFE instance is the first site admin. Site admins can grant admin permissions to other users in the "Users" section of the admin pages. See Promoting a User to Administrator for details.

To navigate to the site admin section of the UI, click your user icon in the upper right, then click Site Admin:

screenshot: the "Site Admin" link in the user menu

This will take you to the admin area. Currently, it defaults to showing the user management page; use the navigation on the left to access the other administrative functions.

screenshot: the user management page, with the site administration navigation list on the left side

» Administration Tasks