» Terraform Enterprise Encryption Password

During the installation of Terraform Enterprise, a password is used to encrypt sensitive information at rest. The default value is auto-generated, but we strongly suggest you create your own password.

Be sure to retain the value, because you will need to use this password to restore access to the data in the event of a reinstall.

The Encryption Password is used to protect the Vault unseal key and root token when the internal Vault is used. It allows us to store those details in PostgreSQL, which means that Vault is only dependent on the encryption password itself and details in PostgreSQL.

» Specifying the Encryption Password

The password can be specified during an unattended installation with the installer option enc_password within the application settings JSON file when using the automated install procedure:

    "hostname": {
        "value": "terraform.example.com"
    "installation_type": {
        "value": "poc"
    "enc_password": {
        "value": "jzrtY@KE-bQ@mwQdxhYxj$WhhpPpZ8jz"