» Terraform Enterprise Configuration

After you have completed the installation process you will need to create an admin user. When the admin user creation has been completed you will be able to create your first organizations and users and enable the enterprise features for those accounts.

» System Configuration

In all examples below, be sure to replace "<TFE HOSTNAME>" with the hostname of your Terraform Enterprise instance.

Navigate to https://<TFE HOSTNAME>:8800/ in your browser. You will be presented with the installer dashboard:

Terraform Enterprise Installer Dashboard

» Creating an Administrator (UI)

After clicking on the "Open", right below the "Stop Now" button, you will be brought to a page asking you to create the first Terraform Enterprise administrator account. You will be able to create additional administrators once you log in.

New admin dialog

» Creating an Administrator (API)

The initial Admin user can be created via a special API. Customers can use this method to more easily perform automated installations of Terraform Enterprise.

The API and usage documents are under Automating Initial User.

» Creating an organization

The next step will create the first organization.

Create a new organization

After this is done, you can either continue with the creation of a new workspace, choose to configure other aspects of Terraform Enterprise, or add more users.

» Success!

You have successfully configured the installation and configuration steps that are specific to Terraform Enterprise! You can now configure SMTP (https://<TFE HOSTNAME>/app/admin/smtp/), Twilio (https://<TFE HOSTNAME>/app/admin/twillio), SAML (https://<TFE HOSTNAME>/app/admin/saml), or follow the Get Started - Terraform Cloud collection on HashiCorp Learn to start using the software.