» CentOS Requirements for Terraform Enterprise

When installing Terraform Enterprise on CentOS Linux, ensure your OS and Docker configuration meet the following requirements:

» Install Requirements

  • A supported version of CentOS.
  • One of the following installations of Docker:
    • Docker CE 17.06 or later. Docker CE can either be pre-installed by the operator or installed via our installation script. If Docker CE is pre-installed by the operator, be sure to pass the no-docker flag to the installation script to prevent it from trying to install Docker CE again.
    • Docker EE 17.06 or later.
    • Docker 1.13.1 installed via the Extras Packages for Enterprise Linux repository. Details on how to subscribe to the Extras Packages for Enterprise Linux repository can be found here.
  • Docker configured with the overlay2 storage driver. This is the default storage driver for the latest Docker installations.


» Can I use the Docker version in the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository?

Sure! Just be sure to have at least 1.13.1.

» Which storage driver should I use?

Please ensure that you are using the overlay2 storage driver.

» Can an installation where docker info says that I’m using devicemapper with a loopback file work?

No. This is an installation that Docker provides as sample and is not supported by Terraform Enterprise due to the significant instability in it. Docker themselves do not suggest using this mode.

» How do I know if an installation is in devicemapper loopback mode?

Run the command docker info | grep dev/loop. If there is any output, you’re in devicemapper loopback mode. Docker may also print warning about loopback mode when you run the above command, which is another indicator.