» Terraform Enterprise API Documentation

Terraform Enterprise provides an API for a subset of its features. If you have any questions or want to request new API features, please email support@hashicorp.com.

See the navigation sidebar for the list of available endpoints.

» Authentication

All requests must be authenticated with a bearer token. Use the HTTP Header Authorization with the value Bearer <token>. This token can be generated or revoked on the account tokens page. Your token has access to all resources your account has access to.

For organization-level resources, we recommend creating a separate user account that can be added to the organization with the specific privilege level required.

» Response Codes

This API returns standard HTTP response codes.

We return 404 Not Found codes for resources that a user doesn't have access to, as well as for resources that don't exist. This is to avoid telling a potential attacker that a given resource exists.

» Versioning

The API documented in these pages is the second version of TFE's API, and resides under the /v2 prefix. For documentation of the /v1 endpoints, see the Terraform Enterprise (legacy) API docs.

Future APIs will increment this version, leaving the /v1 API intact, though in the future we might deprecate certain features. In that case, we'll provide ample notice to migrate to the new API.

» Paths

All V2 API endpoints use /api/v2 as the subpath unless otherwise specified.

For example, if the API endpoint documentation defines the path /runs then the full path is /api/v2/runs.

» JSON API Formatting

The TFE endpoints use the JSON API specification which specifies standards for HTTP error codes, error objects, document structure, HTTP Request/Response headers, and other key aspects of the API.