» Administration: Service Integrations

Terraform Enterprise can integrate with several external services to send communications and authenticate users. Each of these integrations has a separate page in the site admin section.

At this time, the available site-wide integrations are:

  • SAML Single Sign-On
  • SMTP
  • Twilio

» SAML Integration

The SAML integration settings allow configuration of a SAML Single Sign-On integration for Terraform Enterprise. To access the SAML settings, click SAML in the left menu.

To enable SAML, click Enable SAML single sign-on under "SAML Settings". Configure the fields below, then click Save SAML settings. To update the settings, update the field values, and save.

The Enable SAML debugging option can be used if sign-on is failing. It provides additional debugging information during login tests. It should not be left on during normal operations.

» SMTP Integration

SMTP integration allows Terraform Enterprise to send email-based notifications, such as new user invitations, password resets, and system errors. We strongly recommend configuring SMTP.

To access the SMTP settings, click SMTP in the left menu. To enable SMTP, check the Enable email sending with SMTP box on the settings page, configure the settings, and click "Save SMTP settings."

screenshot: the SMTP admin page

  • Sender Email: The address that system mails should come from. A plain email address; do not include a display name.
  • Send test email to: A sample address to send a test email to. Used to validate the settings when configuring SMTP; not stored.
  • Host and Port: The host and port details for the SMTP server that will be used.
  • Authentication: The type of authentication used by the server. Options are none, login, and plain.
  • Username: Username used to authenticate to the server. Not required if the authentication setting is none.
  • Password: Password to authenticate to the server. Not required if the authentication setting is none.

» Twilio Integration

Twilio integration is used to send SMS messages for two-factor authentication. It is optional; application-based 2FA is also supported.

To access the Twilio settings, click Twilio in the left menu. To enable Twilio, check the Enable SMS sending with Twilio box on the settings page and configure the relevant settings:

screenshot: the Twilio admin page

  • Account SID: The unique identifier for your Twilio application.
  • Auth Token: The token that allows authentication with your Account SID.
  • From Number: The number the message should come from. Must be registered with Twilio.

You can also verify the Twilio settings by sending a test message. Enter a number in the bottom box and click Send Test SMS.