» Administration: General Settings

General settings control global behavior in Terraform Enterprise. To access general settings, visit the site admin area and click Settings in the left menu. To save the settings, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

screenshot: the Settings admin page

» Contact Info

The support email address is used in system emails and other contact details. It defaults to support@hashicorp.com. If you'd like users of your instance to reach out to a specific person or team when they have issues, it can be changed to a local email address.

» Organization Creation

Organization creation can be limited to site administrators or allowed for all users. Limiting organization creation to administrators means that the need for new organizations can be audited and their creation easily monitored.

When new user accounts are created, if they cannot create their own organizations, they will be unable to access any Terraform Cloud resources until they are added to a team.

» API Rate Limiting

By default, requests to the Terraform Cloud API from a single user or IP address are limited to 30 requests per second to prevent abuse or hogging of resources. Since usage patterns may vary for a given instance, this can be updated to match local needs.

» Terraform Run Timeout Settings

The default time-out setting for Terraform runs are 2h for plans, and 24h for applies.

These are configurable on a global level:

screenshot: global run timeout page

or in the Admin settings at an organization level:

screenshot: organization run timeout page