» Administration: Customization

Customization allow you to modify different parts of the user interface to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.

To access the customization settings, visit the site admin area and click Customization in the left menu. To save the settings, click Save Customization Settings at the bottom of the page.

screenshot: the Settings admin page

» Support

» Email Address

The support email address is used in system emails, error pages, and all other situations the user would be prompted to contact support. It defaults to support@hashicorp.com. If you'd like users of your instance to reach out to a specific person or team when they have issues, it can be changed to a local email address.

» Error Instructions

Instructions to display when users encounter unexpected errors. You can use this space to provide links to your support triage process or other ticketing systems.

screenshot: where the error instructions appear

» Application

» Login Help

The content provided in this field replaces the "Need an Account? Sign up here." prompt. This is an opportunity to provide system usage disclaimers, or any custom new user processes you may have.

screenshot: where the login help content appears

» New User Instructions

Instructions shown to new users who aren't yet members of an organization. If you have a custom provisioning process for granting organization access, you can explain it here. (By default, new users are prompted to contact the system administrator for organization membership.)

screenshot: where the new user instructions appear

Content to display in the footer of every application page. Useful for disclaimers and other site-wide communication.

screenshot: where the footer content appears