» Git Integration

Git repositories can be integrated with Terraform Enterprise by using terraform push to import Terraform configuration when changes are committed. When Terraform configuration is imported using terraform push a plan is automatically queued.

» Setup

Terraform configuration can be manually imported by running terraform push like below:

$ terraform push -name=$USERNAME/ENV_NAME

A better option than having to manually run terraform push is to run it using a git commit hook. A client-side pre-push hook is suitable and will push your Terraform configuration when you push local changes to your Git server.

» Client-side Commit Hook

The script below will execute terraform push when you push local changes to your Git server. Place the script at .git/pre-push in your local Git repository, set the necessary variables, and ensure the script is executable.

# An example hook script to push Terraform configuration to Terraform Enterprise.
# Set the following variables for your project:
# - ENV_NAME - your environment name (e.g. org/env)
# - TERRAFORM_DIR - the local directory to push
# - DEFAULT_BRANCH - the branch to push. Other branches will be ignored.


if [[ -z "$ENV_NAME" || -z "$TERRAFORM_DIR" || -z "$DEFAULT_BRANCH" ]]; then
  echo 'pre-push hook: One or more variables are undefined. Canceling push.'
  exit 1

current_branch=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD | sed -e 's,.*/\(.*\),\1,')

if [ "$current_branch" == "$DEFAULT_BRANCH" ]; then
  echo "pre-push hook: Pushing branch [$current_branch] to environment [$ENV_NAME]."
  terraform push -name="$ENV_NAME" $TERRAFORM_DIR
  echo "pre-push hook: NOT pushing branch [$current_branch] to environment [$ENV_NAME]."