» Schedule Periodic Plan Runs

Terraform can automatically run a plan against your infrastructure on a specified schedule. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled by an organization owner on a per-environment basis.

On the specified interval, a plan can be run that for you, determining any changes and sending the appropriate notifications.

When used with automatic applies, this feature can help converge changes to infrastructure without human input.

Runs will not be queued while another plan or apply is in progress, or if the environment has been manually locked. Se Environment Locking for more information.

» Enabling Periodic Plans

To enable periodic plans for an environment, visit the environment settings page and select the desired interval and click the save button to persist the changes. An initial plan may immediately run, depending on the state of your environment, and then will automatically plan at the specified interval.

If you have manually run a plan separately, a new plan will not be queued until the allotted time after the manual plan ran. This means that the platform simply ensures that a plan has been executed at the specified schedule.