» Managing Terraform Versions

Terraform Enterprise does not automatically upgrade the version of Terraform used to execute plans and applies. This is intentional, as occasionally there can be backwards incompatible changes made to Terraform that cause state and plans to differ based on the same configuration, or new versions that produce some other unexpected behavior.

All upgrades must be performed by a user, but Terraform Enterprise will display a notice above any plans or applies run with out of date versions. We encourage the use of the latest version when possible.

Note that regardless of when an upgrade is performed, the version of Terraform used in a plan will be used in the subsequent apply.

» Upgrading Terraform

  1. Go the Settings tab of an environment
  2. Go to the "Terraform Version" section and select the version you wish to use
  3. Review the changelog for that version and previous versions
  4. Click the save button. At this point, future builds will use that version