» Workspace Naming

Terraform Cloud organizes workspaces by name, so it's important to use a consistent and informative naming strategy. And although future releases of Terraform Cloud will add more organizational tools, the name will always be the most important piece of information about a workspace.

Workspace names need to be 90 characters or less and can only include letters, numbers, -, and _.

The best way to make names that are both unique and useful is to combine the workspace's most distinguishing attributes in a consistent order. Attributes can be any defining characteristic of a workspace — such as the component being managed, the environment it runs in, and the region it is provisioned into.

A good strategy to start with is <COMPONENT>-<ENVIRONMENT>-<REGION>. For example:

  • networking-prod-us-east
  • networking-staging-us-east
  • networking-prod-eu-central
  • networking-staging-eu-central
  • monitoring-prod-us-east
  • monitoring-staging-us-east
  • monitoring-prod-eu-central
  • monitoring-staging-eu-central

If those three attributes can't uniquely distinguish all of your workspaces, you might need to add another attribute; for example, the infrastructure provider (AWS, GCP, Azure), datacenter, or line of business.