» Managing Access to Workspaces

Terraform Cloud workspaces can only be accessed by users with the correct permissions. You can manage permissions for a workspace on a per-team basis.

Teams with admin access on a workspace can manage permissions for other teams on that workspace. Since newly created workspaces don't have any team permissions configured, the initial setup of a workspace's permissions requires the owners team or a team with permission to manage workspaces. (More about permissions.)

» Background

Terraform Cloud manages users' permissions to workspaces with teams.

  • Workspace-level permissions can be granted to an individual team on a particular workspace. These permissions can be managed on the workspace by anyone with admin access to the workspace.
  • In addition, some organization-level permissions can be granted to a team which apply to every workspace in the organization. For example, the manage workspaces grants the workspace-level admin permission to every workspace in the organization. Organization-level permissions can only be managed by organization owners.

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» Managing Workspace Access Permissions

When a workspace is created, only the owners team and teams with the "manage workspaces" permission can access it, with full admin permissions. These teams' access can't be removed from a workspace.

To manage other teams' access, select "Team Access" from a workspace's "Settings" menu.

Screenshot: a workspace's access settings page

This screen displays all teams granted workspace-level permissions to the workspace. To add a team, select "Add team and permissions".

Screenshot: adding a team to a workspace

A list of teams which can be added to the workspace is shown. Select a team to continue and select the team's permissions:

Screenshot: adding team permissions

Four fixed permissions sets (read, plan, write, and admin) are available for basic usage.

To enable finer-grained selection of non-admin permissions, select "Customize permissions for this team":

Screenshot: adding customized team permissions

On this screen, you may pick and choose individual permissions to grant the team for the workspace.

For more information on permissions, see the documentation on Workspace Permissions.