» Permissions

» Workspace-level permissions

Teams can have read, plan, write, or admin permissions on individual workspaces.

» Read

Can read any information on the workspace, including:

  • StateVersions
  • Runs
  • ConfigurationVersions
  • Variables

Cannot do anything which alters state of the above.

» Plan

Can do everything the read access level can do plus:

  • Create runs

» Write

Can do everything the plan access level can do plus:

  • Execute functions which alter state of the above models.
  • Approve runs.
  • Edit variables on the workspace.
  • Lock and unlock the workspace.

» Admin

Can do everything the write access level can do, plus:

  • Delete the workspace.
  • Add and remove teams from the workspace at any access level.
  • Read and write workspace settings (VCS config, etc).

» Organization-level permissions

Teams can be granted permissions to manage Sentinel policies, workspaces, and/or VCS settings across an organization.

» Manage Policies

Allows members to create, edit, and delete the organization's Sentinel policies and override soft-mandatory policy checks. Note that this setting implicitly gives read access to all workspaces to set enforcement of policy sets.

» Manage Workspaces

Allows members to create and administrate all workspaces within the organization. This is synonymous to giving the team admin permission level to all workspaces, plus the ability to create new workspaces (otherwise only available to the owners team).

» Manage VCS Settings

Allows members to manage the organization's VCS Providers and SSH keys.