» Private Module Registry

Hands-on: Try the Add Public Modules to your Private Module Registry tutorial and Share Modules in the Private Module Registry tutorials on HashiCorp Learn.

Terraform Cloud's private module registry works similarly to the public Terraform Registry and helps you share Terraform modules across your organization. It includes support for module versioning, a searchable and filterable list of available modules, and a configuration designer to help you build new workspaces faster.

You can add both private and public modules to the registry:

  • Private modules are hosted on the registry and are only available to members of that organization. In Terraform Enterprise, they are also available to other organizations that are configured to share modules with that organization.
  • Public modules are automatically synchronized from the Terraform Registry where they are hosted. Public modules are not supported in Terraform Enterprise.

You can use Sentinel Policies to enforce rules about how members of your organization can use these modules. For example, you can mandate that all non-root modules in Terraform configurations must be private or public modules from your own private module registry. You can even require that all of those modules use recent versions with a policy like use-recent-versions-from-pmr.sentinel.