» Cost Estimation in Terraform Cloud

Prerequisites: Before starting this guide, make sure you've created and configured at least one workspace and successfully run terraform in that workspace. Also, note that cost estimates are not available for workspaces using versions of Terraform less than 0.12.0.

Once you've created a workspace, you can estimate resource costs by planning a Terraform config in that workspace. Terraform Cloud already supports many of the most used resources and will support even more in the future.

» About Cost Estimation in Terraform Cloud

Terraform Cloud provides cost estimates for many resources found in your Terraform configuration. For each resource an hourly and monthly cost is shown, along with the monthly delta. The total cost and delta of all estimable resources is also shown.

For more details, see the following pages:

» Enabling Cost Estimation

To enable Cost Estimation for your organization, check the box in your organization's settings.

enable cost estimation

» Using an estimable Terraform configuration

We'll need a valid config with cost estimable resources. Here's a very simple one. Create a new workspace with the following config in a main.tf. This is all you need to see cost estimation working but you'll need more to apply real resources.

provider "aws" {
  region  = "us-east-1"

resource "aws_instance" "basic" {
  ami           = "ami-62131702"
  instance_type = "t3.nano"

AWS resources require credentials to operate against the AWS API. Add your credentials to the workspace's variables.

cost estimation variables

» Verifying costs using policies

Now you can add a new policy to validate your configuration's cost estimates using the tfrun import. This policy simply checks that the new cost delta is no more than $100. A new t3.nano instance should be well below that. We'll use the decimal import for more accurate math when working with currency numbers.

import "tfrun"
import "decimal"

delta_monthly_cost = decimal.new(tfrun.cost_estimate.delta_monthly_cost)

main = rule {

» Viewing a Cost Estimate

After queueing a new run, you should see your resources being estimated. The costs are found in a phase in the run UI. You can see the list of resources with costs, their price details, and the list of unestimated resources. Costs are totalled to get a sense of the proposed overall monthly cost once the run is applied. Note that this is just an estimate; some resources don't have cost information available or have unpredictable usage-based pricing.

cost estimation run

» Finished

You've now configured Terraform Cloud and experienced its core workflows — you know how to create new workspaces, automatically and manually trigger runs on a workspace, review and monitor runs, approve plans, add policy checks to and cost estimate your runs.