» Applies API

An apply represents the results of applying a Terraform Run's execution plan.

» Attributes

» Apply States

You'll find the apply state in data.attributes.status, as one of the following values.

State Description
pending The initial status of a apply once it has been created.
managed_queued/queued The apply has been queued, awaiting backend service capacity to run terraform.
running The apply is running.
errored The apply has errored. This is a final state.
canceled The apply has been canceled. This is a final state.
finished The apply has completed sucessfully. This is a final state.
unreachable The apply will not run. This is a final state.

» Show an apply

GET /applies/:id

Parameter Description
id The ID of the apply to show.

There is no endpoint to list applies. You can find the ID for an apply in the relationships.apply property of a run object.

Status Response Reason
200 JSON API document (type: "applies") The request was successful
404 JSON API error object Apply not found, or user unauthorized to perform action

» Sample Request

curl \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
  --header "Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json" \

» Sample Response

  "data": {
    "id": "apply-47MBvjwzBG8YKc2v",
    "type": "applies",
    "attributes": {
      "status": "finished",
      "status-timestamps": {
        "queued-at": "2018-10-17T18:58:27+00:00",
        "started-at": "2018-10-17T18:58:29+00:00",
        "finished-at": "2018-10-17T18:58:37+00:00"
      "log-read-url": "https://archivist.terraform.io/v1/object/dmF1bHQ6djE6OFA1eEdlSFVHRSs4YUcwaW83a1dRRDA0U2E3T3FiWk1HM2NyQlNtcS9JS1hHN3dmTXJmaFhEYTlHdTF1ZlgxZ2wzVC9kVTlNcjRPOEJkK050VFI3U3dvS2ZuaUhFSGpVenJVUFYzSFVZQ1VZYno3T3UyYjdDRVRPRE5pbWJDVTIrNllQTENyTndYd1Y0ak1DL1dPVlN1VlNxKzYzbWlIcnJPa2dRRkJZZGtFeTNiaU84YlZ4QWs2QzlLY3VJb3lmWlIrajF4a1hYZTlsWnFYemRkL2pNOG9Zc0ZDakdVMCtURUE3dDNMODRsRnY4cWl1dUN5dUVuUzdnZzFwL3BNeHlwbXNXZWRrUDhXdzhGNnF4c3dqaXlZS29oL3FKakI5dm9uYU5ZKzAybnloREdnQ3J2Rk5WMlBJemZQTg",
      "resource-additions": 1,
      "resource-changes": 0,
      "resource-destructions": 0
    "relationships": {
      "state-versions": {
        "data": [
            "id": "sv-TpnsuD3iewwsfeRD",
            "type": "state-versions"
            "id": "sv-Fu1n6a3TgJ1Typq9",
            "type": "state-versions"
    "links": {
      "self": "/api/v2/applies/apply-47MBvjwzBG8YKc2v"