» Command: version

The terraform version displays the current version of Terraform and all installed plugins.

» Usage

Usage: terraform version [options]

With no additional arguments, version will display the version of Terraform, the platform it's installed on, installed providers, and the results of upgrade and security checks unless disabled.

This command has one optional flag:

  • -json - If specified, the version information is formatted as a JSON object, and no upgrade or security information is included.

» Example

Basic usage, with upgrade and security information shown if relevant:

$ terraform version
Terraform v0.15.0
on darwin_amd64
+ provider registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/null v3.0.0

Your version of Terraform is out of date! The latest version
is X.Y.Z. You can update by downloading from https://www.terraform.io/downloads.html


$ terraform version -json
  "terraform_version": "0.15.0",
  "platform": "darwin_amd64",
  "provider_selections": {
    "registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/null": "3.0.0"
  "terraform_outdated": true