» Command: state replace-provider

The terraform state replace-provider command is used to replace the provider for resources in a Terraform state.

» Usage

Usage: terraform state replace-provider [options] FROM_PROVIDER_FQN TO_PROVIDER_FQN

This command will update all resources using the "from" provider, setting the provider to the specified "to" provider. This allows changing the source of a provider which currently has resources in state.

This command will output a backup copy of the state prior to saving any changes. The backup cannot be disabled. Due to the destructive nature of this command, backups are required.

This command also accepts the following options:

  • -auto-approve - Skip interactive approval.

  • -lock=false - Don't hold a state lock during the operation. This is dangerous if others might concurrently run commands against the same workspace.

  • -lock-timeout=0s - Duration to retry a state lock.

For configurations using the remote backend only, terraform state replace-provider also accepts the option -ignore-remote-version.

For configurations using the local state rm only, terraform state replace-provider also accepts the legacy options -state, -state-out, and -backup.

» Example

The example below replaces the hashicorp/aws provider with a fork by acme, hosted at a private registry at registry.acme.corp:

$ terraform state replace-provider hashicorp/aws registry.acme.corp/acme/aws