» Command: terraform providers mirror

The terraform providers mirror command downloads the providers required for the current configuration and copies them into a directory in the local filesystem.

In normal use, terraform init will automatically download needed providers from provider registries as part of initializing the current working directory. Sometimes Terraform is running in an environment where that isn't possible, such as on an isolated network without access to the Terraform Registry. In that case, explicit installation method configuration allows you to configure Terraform, when running on a particular system, to consult only a local filesystem directory where you've created a local mirror of the necessary plugins, and to skip accessing the upstream registry at all.

The terraform providers mirror command can automatically populate a directory that will be used as a local filesystem mirror in the provider installation configuration.

» Usage

Usage: terraform providers mirror [options] <target-dir>

A single target directory is required. Terraform will create under that directory the path structure that is expected for filesystem-based provider plugin mirrors, populating it with .zip files containing the plugins themselves.

Terraform will also generate various .json index files which contain suitable responses to implement the network mirror protocol, if you upload the resulting directory to a static website host. Terraform ignores those index files when using the directory as a filesystem mirror, because the directory entries themselves are authoritative in that case.

This command supports the following additional option:

  • -platform=OS_ARCH - Choose which target platform to build a mirror for. By default Terraform will obtain plugin packages suitable for the platform where you run this command. Use this flag multiple times to include packages for multiple target systems.

Target platform names consist of an operating system and a CPU architecture. For example, linux_amd64 selects the Linux operating system running on an AMD64 or x86_64 CPU.

You can run terraform providers mirror again on an existing mirror directory to update it with new packages. For example, you can add packages for a new target platform by re-running the command with the desired new -platform=... option, and it will place the packages for that new platform without removing packages you previously downloaded, merging the resulting set of packages together to update the JSON index files.