» Command: console

The terraform console command provides an interactive console for evaluating expressions.

» Usage

Usage: terraform console [options]

This command provides an interactive command-line console for evaluating and experimenting with expressions. This is useful for testing interpolations before using them in configurations, and for interacting with any values currently saved in state.

If the current state is empty or has not yet been created, the console can be used to experiment with the expression syntax and built-in functions.

The supported options are:

  • -state=path - Path to a local state file. Expressions will be evaluated using values from this state file. If not specified, the state associated with the current workspace is used.

You can close the console with the exit command or by pressing Control-C or Control-D.

» Scripting

The terraform console command can be used in non-interactive scripts by piping newline-separated commands to it. Only the output from the final command is printed unless an error occurs earlier.

For example:

$ echo "1 + 5" | terraform console

» Remote State

If remote state is used by the current backend, Terraform will read the state for the current workspace from the backend before evaluating any expressions.