» Command: 0.13upgrade

The terraform 0.13upgrade command updates existing configuration to add an explicit source attribute for each provider used in a given module. The provider source settings are stored in a required_providers block.

» Usage

Usage: terraform 0.13upgrade [options] [dir]

The primary purpose of the 0.13upgrade command is to determine which providers are in use for a module, detect the source address for those providers where possible, and record this information in a required_providers block.

If the module already has a required_providers block, the command updates it in-place. Otherwise, a new block is added to the versions.tf file.

By default, 0.13upgrade changes configuration files in the current working directory. However, you can provide an explicit path to another directory if desired, which may be useful for automating migrations of several modules in the same repository.

When run with no other options, the command will first explain what it is going to do and prompt for confirmation:

$ terraform 0.13upgrade

This command will update the configuration files in the given directory to use
the new provider source features from Terraform v0.13. It will also highlight
any providers for which the source cannot be detected, and advise how to

We recommend using this command in a clean version control work tree, so that
you can easily see the proposed changes as a diff against the latest commit.
If you have uncommited changes already present, we recommend aborting this
command and dealing with them before running this command again.

Would you like to upgrade the module in the current directory?
  Only 'yes' will be accepted to confirm.

  Enter a value: yes

We recommend running this command with a clean version control work tree so that you can use VCS tools to review the proposed changes, including any TF-UPGRADE-TODO comments, and make any revisions required before committing the change.

There is one command-line option:

  • -yes - Skip the initial introduction messages and interactive confirmation. Use this when running the command in batch from a script.

» Batch Usage

After you've experimented with the 0.13upgrade command in some confined situations, if you have a repository containing multiple modules you may wish to batch-upgrade them all and review them together. Recursive upgrades are not supported by the tool itself, but if you are on a Unix-style system you can achieve this using the find command as follows:

$ find . -name '*.tf' | xargs -n1 dirname | uniq | xargs -n1 terraform 0.13upgrade -yes

On a Windows system with PowerShell, you can use this command:

Get-Childitem -Recurse -Include *.tf | Split-Path | `
Select-Object -Unique | ForEach-Object { terraform 0.13upgrade -yes $_.FullName }

Note that the above commands include the -yes option to override the interactive prompt, so be sure you have a clean work tree before running it.