» Community

CDK for Terraform (CDKTF) is under active development, and we would love your feedback and direct contributions to help guide the project.

» Questions & Issues

If you have questions, the HashiCorp Discuss platform using the terraform-cdk category is the best place for general discussion. If you run into issues or have ideas for improvements, please file a bug or request a new feature. Please let us know if you'd like to talk - we are very interested in learning how people use CDKTF in practice.

» Contributing

The CDKTF project is very open to community contributions. The easiest ways to help are by filing bugs for issues, commenting on existing issues you encounter, and commenting on or upvoting feature requests when you have use cases where they would be helpful. Hearing why you are interested is extremely useful, and we appreciate your feedback.

If you are interested in contributing code, please look at the CONTRIBUTING.md guide. Before you file a large pull request, please file a feature request to tell us what you're interested in building. We're happy to work with you on the design to make sure we can review and accept your PR quickly.

» Roadmap

We release CDKTF on a monthly cadence. The GitHub milestones for the project show what is planned for the next release and tentatively planned for subsequent releases. Issues labeled committed will land in the planned release, and all others are implicitly stretch goals that may shift to a future release as needed.