» terraform enterprise

Kind: Standard (with no locking)

Stores the state in Terraform Enterprise.

You can create a new workspace in the Workspaces section and generate new token in the Tokens page under Settings.

» Example Configuration

terraform {
  backend "atlas" {
    name         = "bigbang/example"

Note that for the access token we recommend using a partial configuration.

» Example Referencing

data "terraform_remote_state" "foo" {
  backend = "atlas"
  config {
    name         = "bigbang/example"

» Configuration variables

The following configuration options / environment variables are supported:

  • name - (Required) Full name of the environment (<username>/<name>)
  • ATLAS_TOKEN/ access_token - (Required) Terraform Enterprise API token. It is recommended that ATLAS_TOKEN is set as an environment variable rather than using access_token in the configuration.
  • address - (Optional) Address to alternative Terraform Enterprise location (Terraform Enterprise endpoint)