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Announcing Controlled Remote State Access

Terraform Cloud

The easiest way to use Terraform in production at any scale.
How Terraform Cloud Works diagram

Why Terraform Cloud?

Terraform Cloud is HashiCorp’s managed service offering that eliminates the need for unnecessary tooling and documentation to use Terraform in production.

Provision infrastructure securely and reliably in the cloud with free remote state storage. As you scale, add workspaces for better collaboration with your team.

A Terraform solution that scales with your team

Build infrastructure with other DevOps practitioners.

Run Terraform securely and remotely, and collaborate on infrastructure with your team.

Store your Terraform state file securely with encryption at rest. Track infrastructure changes over time, and restrict access to certain teams within your organization.
Run Terraform the way your team prefers. Execute runs from the CLI or a UI, your version control system, or integrate them into your existing workflows with an API.
Use version control to store and collaborate on Terraform configurations. Terraform Cloud can automate a run as soon as a pull request is merged into a main branch.
Facilitate collaboration on your team. Review and comment on plans prior to executing any change to infrastructure.

Standardize best practices across your team.

Help your team remain secure and compliant every time they make a change to infrastructure.

Create blueprints for your infrastructure that can serve other teams. Set up a private module registry that stores all of your organization’s preferred modules.
Create security and compliance guardrails for any Terraform run. Sentinel makes it possible to create hard and soft provisioning rules across your organization.
Control costs by calculating them before applying changes. Cost estimation shows the hourly and monthly costs behind any Terraform run, and budget policies can be enforced with Sentinel.
Practice the Principle of Least Privilege for Terraform users. Set up different access levels for admins, DevOps operators, and developers consuming Terraform resources.
Onboard new users securely and efficiently. The Terraform Cloud Business tier integrates with Okta, AzureAD, or any other SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider allowing you to set up SSO in minutes across your organization.
Analyze the state of your infrastructure over time. Export audit logs to external systems via an API, or export their outputs into Splunk for better visualization.

Innovate by integrating Terraform into your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Automate Terraform Cloud functionality into the workflows your team uses everyday.

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools. Provision infrastructure instantly for a Kubernetes cluster, or enable self-service provisioning with ServiceNow.
Integrate Terraform runs into your CI/CD pipeline. Advanced users can run Terraform in automation, with status checks from CircleCI or GitHub Actions.
Build Terraform Cloud into existing and/or automated workflows. Control and integrate Terraform Cloud functionality using a robust REST API.
Integrate the status of Terraform runs into other systems. Send notifications via email, Slack, or via webhooks when a Terraform run is completed.
Manage resources in your organization’s private data center. Business tier customers can use remote agents to manage both public and private resources.
Increase your team’s velocity by adding concurrent runs. Governance and Business tier customers can execute multiple runs at the same time.