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How Terraform Cloud Works

Terraform Cloud provides remote operations for Terraform, and is ideal for production and team environments. Learn how Terraform Cloud works across your organization.
provider "aws" {
  version = "2.33.0"
  region = var.aws_region
provider "random" {
  version = "2.2"
resource "random_pet" "table_name" {}
resource "aws_dynamodb_table" "tfc_example_table" {
  name = "${var.db_table_name}-${random_pet.table_name.id}"
  read_capacity  = var.db_read_capacity
  write_capacity = var.db_write_capacity
  hash_key       = "UUID"
  attribute {
    name = "UUID"
    type = "S"
provider "aws" {  version = "2.33.0"  region = var.aws_region}provider "random" {  version = "2.2"}resource "random_pet" "table_name" {}resource "aws_dynamodb_table" "tfc_example_table" {  name = "${var.db_table_name}-${random_pet.table_name.id}"  read_capacity  = var.db_read_capacity  write_capacity = var.db_write_capacity  hash_key       = "UUID"  attribute {    name = "UUID"    type = "S"  }}


Create new infrastructure using HCL, or manage existing infrastructure that you’ve already written using Terraform Open Source. Terraform Cloud works with any of the latest versions of Terraform. You can also leverage hundreds of providers and thousands of pre-written modules in the Terraform Registry.

Compose diagram


Workspaces provide an environment for a collection of infrastructure. They store variables, state files, credentials, and secrets. Connect a workspace to a Terraform configuration stored locally, in version control, or uploaded via an API. Then, connect that workspace to the cloud services where you would like infrastructure to be provisioned.

Plan diagram


Terraform Cloud provides a plan for infrastructure changes before every run. It can calculate costs for this plan, and cross check it with any policy as code your security and compliance teams create using Sentinel.

Provision and Manage diagram

Provision & Manage

Instead of relying on your team’s local machines to execute runs, provision and manage infrastructure reliably and securely with Terraform Cloud’s run environment. Integrate Terraform Cloud into your existing CI/CD pipeline and other tools you already use.

Collaborate and Share diagram

Collaborate & Share

Provide self-service infrastructure and a run environment for an entire organization using your own private module registry and workspace permissions. Developers can provision their own infrastructure using your team’s private modules, which standardize best practices across your organization.